FDM Diagnose

Welche Distorsion hast du? 

FDM Diagnose im Fasziendistorsionsmodell


Podcast zum Fasziendistorsionsmodell. Thema: die Diagnose im Fasziendistorsionsmodell Unterrichtsmaterial der Schule für Physiotherapie KortexMed Bad Harzburg. Gestaltung: Gert Loosen

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    • Hi Ibrahim!
      I would definitely recommend an FDM treatment for both of you. In the Fascial Distortion Model we do an examination before we even touch you. When we already see your individual problem, we plan the individual treatment together. Then we start working on the problem and we use special tests to see if we got closer to the painfree state.

      Here you can book an appointment in my practise:


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