Please don’t die because of your painkillers.

Today, in the US, there are cities, where every 5th person is a painkiller addict.

People abandon their children, they suffer themselves, and at the end, they die.

There is a generation growing up because of those painkillers.

Is it really that bad? Yes. It is. (See below in the video)

Why am I writing about this topic?

Because my heart is so heavy to see this happening.

And you are wrong if you think it’s already in the US.

It’s already coming. Germany, France, etc. are also already aware of the problem.

So, harshly said, it’s also my fault.

I know that there is a way out of pain – also without painkillers.

I see hopeless people every day.

I already know the feeling that they don’t trust me at the beginning.

And I also know that relief that I feel, seeing their tears of joy at the end of the treatment.

I feel guilty, when I’m not spreading the word of hope.

I know the truth but the majority of the people does not.

So, I kinda understand, why people stick with painkillers – because they have given up.

And they say: We at least “know this devil” already.

But that’s not true. Not this one.

I really hope times come, when we can’t just stop by at the pharmacy “drive in” to pick up some deadly drugs.

I really hope times come, when searching for reasons won’t seem “esoteric”.

When washing up the dishes (because it smells), instead of pumping some parfume on it, won’t look like hocuspocus anymore.

When our first reaction to pain won’t be running for pills and injections.

I have a gift in my hand – the method I use as a physiotherapist, FDM.

I need to get out much more often, spreading the truth – THERE IS HOPE YALL!

Check the video if you’re strong enough to face your painkiller problem.

The opioid crisis in the USA | DW Documentary

Please let’s stay strong.



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